Paul Diekmeyer has been inspired by the artistic periods in many great cultures. Among these are the Byzantine, Celtic, and Art Nouveau. The art from these periods is exemplified by fine craftsmanship and close attention to detail. Paul spends many hours designing under high magnification, sculpting each detail in wax with dental tools, to achieve minute patterns that give each piece a life of its own. Rather than mere duplication, Paul's designs are based on the inspiration from those early craftsmen, designing new jewelry with the energy and beauty of the past. The finished pieces can be seen as miniature works of art; sculptures that can be worn and admired.

Diekmeyer Designs is a family owned and operated fine jeweler, in business since 1976.


Diekmeyer Designs is conveniently located on the east side of Cincinnati in the Montgomery Heritage District and within walking distance of nationally recognized restaurants, galleries, services, and performance venues. Visit our Contact page for detailed directions.